I have made a purchase but my cashback has not been credited, why?

Written by Adam
Updated 1 week ago

Cashbacks will only be credited for correctly completed transactions. If your cashback has not been credited, please check whether:

- you have logged into your account on buykers.co.uk;
- you have activated the cashback in the buykers.co.uk plug-in or have been redirected to the store from our alerabat.com application/website after clicking on the ''activate cashback'' button;
- you are using a device/browser without any blocking software installed (e.g. AdBlock) - even their partial disabling may often be insufficient;
- you do not use other cashback portals (in this case, the transaction may have been assigned to a source other than buykers.co.uk);
- when shopping, you use discount codes and other offers from the alerabat.com website only - if you do not, we do not guarantee that you will receive a cashback;
- you are not using the "Incognito" mode - in such a case our source may not be registered (no cookies);
- you did not open any other sites in your browser or click on any other tabs in the window during the shopping process - if so, the chain of redirections registered by the cookies may have been interrupted;
- you have read the terms and conditions of the cashback service in a given store - you may have purchased a product not covered by the cashback service;
- you have not made a purchase for a company - the cashback service is addressed to individuals who are not engaged in a business activity.
- you have not paid the whole price of the product with a gift card - cashback is only credited for the amount actually paid, either by means of a bank transfer or in cash (this does not include delivery costs and authorisation fees).

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