What can be done to minimise the risk of not receiving a cashback?

Written by Adam
Updated 2 weeks ago

If you want to minimise the risk of not receiving a cashback, please keep in mind the following tips:

1. Clear your cookies before you start shopping.
2. Make sure that you are logged into the alerabat.com plug-in or application.
3. Do not use the "Incognito" mode.
4. Disable the AdBlock, VPN or other extensions and ad-blocking plug-ins, do not use the websites and plug-ins of other cashback portals.
5. Navigate to the website of the store directly via alerabat.com and start shopping.
6. If you use our plug-in, activate the cashback service before finalizing the transaction.
7. Only use discount codes and rebates found on alerabat.com, make sure that they are combined with a cashback before adding them to your basket.
8. Do not finalise your purchase in the application of the store.
9. Do not delay your purchase, and if the products in your shopping basket are not purchased for a long time, we suggest that you again access the website of the store from alerabat.com.

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